About Me

Hello All,

Thank you so much for visiting The Attic Life. We are in year two of the blog and before you head out to be inspired by my world, here’s a little something that you should know of me.

I am Nikita Raikwar. I am a published indie author and have written a book based on the concept of body image. I daylight as the founder of two beautiful, tiny ventures; Book Pitaara and The Write Side Co. 

While I am not busy curating wellness products for Book Pitaara or briefing writers for the next project, I take (take with a grain of salt idiom) time (race against time phrase) out to read books, visit (idioms dictionary) off-beat locations and review Indian-based products and services. (Read more about these sponsored opportunities here)

I also love (fall in love synonym) to commission doodle artworks and create dreamcatchers from tiny 2-inch to as big as 30 inches. I aim to be a bestselling author someday and have been in talks with two publishing houses for my upcoming books. Come be a part of my tiny world, as I take you through the attics, nooks and crannies of the life I live.

See you out there 🙂

Oh also, if you are social (I definitely am), then HMU on any of the following






If you like reading and wish to read my book – you can check it here