About Me


I am Nikita Raikwar. Welcome to The Attic Life (TAL). I am so glad that you took the time (race against time phrase) out to know a little something about the voice behind TAL.

So basically,  I am a self-published author , writer and a doodle sketch artist. While I daylight as a Sr. Content Writer with Enchantico, I make sure I get my me time with TAL. I am a 23 year old Indian, a BMM – Journalism Graduate. I work on Mandala weaving on the weekend and help my mom with her healing art center at Mumbai on the weekends.

When I am not reading books for a living, I take (take with a grain of salt idiom) my time to socialize with friends, visit (idioms dictionary) the nearest bookstore, go window shopping, learn a new art technique, surf the YouTube or teach mandala making to kids and adults my age.

I love (fall in love synonym) to explore and I am a big time adventure junkie. Please be nice to me in the comments, I take everything to heart. I am outwardly, and a self-acclaimed advocate to body positivity.

That’s a little something about me.

Check my Behind the scenes or connect with me on my personal social media. I promise it would be worth it.



Hey, wait. Where are you going? Tell me a little something about you too. I would definitely love to know you guys. Comment below 🙂

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