The Attic Life is a one-of-its-kind Professional Clutter Management and Home Staging Company that helps individuals develop a sense of organizing through basic and easy-to-perform decluttering methodologies.

With inspirations taken from Japanese Art, Indian Culture and International state-of-the-art home staging processes, we help maintain an equilibrium between elegance and functionality through a peaceful and quaint home.

Turning Clutter and Chaos into an efficient, well-placed and functional layout, We design homes and build a lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Come join us on this beautiful decluttering rendezvous as we help you bridge the gap between Cosy, Clean and Comforting.


While decluttering may seem like an arduous task to execute, it is one that brings in the sense of gratitude, warmth, love and peace. And if you have been on the other side of the spectrum trying to make-do with your failed attempts at decluttering, our services will come handy.

Meet The Founder!

I am Nikita Raikwar, your tidying guru, declutter coach and professional organizer. 
I am a certified professional organizer, home staging expert and closet organizer under IAPO (International Association of Professional Organizers) and have added value, aesthetic and functionality to homes around Mumbai.

Being a tidying guru helps me find the balance between life and chores. As a consultant, I help people achieve order in their lives through a tidy, welcoming and pleasant organizing system.

Come join me on my journey as we venture into the world of de-cluttering, organizing and living through services offered under The Attic Life.

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What We Do


Create an aesthetically pleasing living room that complements your taste and likings.


Declutter, Discard and Organize your home and live in a tidy spacious and organized home.


An organized closet paves the way to an organized mind. Learn how.


Learn the original decluttering and tidying methods from certified professional organizer - Nikita Raikwar.


Avail decluttering and organizing services under The Attic Life for your home, closet, workspace.


Assemble your home and let it reflect your personality. Let your home shine through with elements that add warmth to your home.


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