About Us


I am Nikita Raikwar, a certified Professional Organizer, Closet Organizer and Home Stager under IAPO (International Association of Professional Organizers).

The Attic Life was formerly a lifestyle blog that spoke of organizing, tidying, books, decluttering and more. Over time, this fascination towards the art of tidying bolstered the courage in me to create a brand unique to its name.

I then began to implement these ideas exclusively to my bedroom. With time, I learnt new ways and created/invented more of my own to establish a set routine for tidying effortlessly. This led to the idea of becoming a professional organizer for individuals, alike yours, and companies/workspaces that need help organizing their homes/workspaces, minds and their lives.

Come let’s build a sense of designation, belonging and peace at your home/workplace through our proven decluttering methods and strategies.

Talk to us to learn our ways and live a life that helps yield happiness.








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