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Hello Loves, I assume you love (fall in love synonym) my blog already if you are on this post today, so here it goes. Today I am going to share with you my music playlist and what I love to hear the most at day and night. My playlist includes a crazy gamut of Pop, Hip-hop, Country, Rock, Soft Melodies, Romantic interludes.

If you are anywhere near to any of these genre.. Read along:

Coldplay: When all fails, CP is my savior. For being the sassy kind who shares beautiful lyrics, Coldplay has all my heart splattered across their albums. From Fix You to Hymn for the Weekend, to Para Para Paradise and Something Just Like This, Coldplay has it sorted… REALLY!! Trust me when I say this. AHFOD is my favourite album and only I know how much I love it. Oh! Did I forget to mention my undying love for A Sky Full of Stars!

Chainsmokers: OH!! Pfft… Obviously this one had to be in the list right? A girl who reads YA, Believes in lust of all kinds and loves the kinky hood, CS is no more a far fetched thought. Closer and Something Just Like This are both my personal favourite.

Justin Beiber: Go Ahead – Judge me for this one. But mind you, JB was back in the leagues with the release of his album – PURPOSE : THE MOVEMENT. I didn’t really like Baby, But I loved every bit of PRAY and SORRY and LOVE YOURSELF and WHERE ARE YOU NOW and WHAT DO YOU MEAN.. You get my point, don’t you?

Fun Fact: I am a big time (race against time phrase) hip hop person

Eminem: Oh ask me now! A woman who loves Eminem, Did I interest you back to this read? Yes! Eminem has been my charm since 2012 and I haven’t had enough already from this talented fuck. He manages to prove that life goes on no matter what. His lyrics are meaningful (not anymore – many argue on this one) but I love him. Shady XV and MMLP2 didn’t quite make it to my favorite. But I love every bit of his songs. Like they say it, Old is Gold.
What tracks Do I hear often? Mockingbird, Superman, No Return, Stan, Love the way you lie, Fast Lane, Bully, The Real Slim Shady, 3 A.M., You Came Back Down, No Return and 200 others to form a huge chunk of Em-loving list.

Meek Mill: You can’t just (just in case meaning) love one rapper, you gotta add someone to this list. I love Oh Kill ‘Em by Meek Mill and its my personal favourite from all of Meek Mill’s creation.


Alex G: Let’s go a little up-beat and off-beat. I love this Youtuber with all my heart. From singing beautiful covers to creating originals, Alex G manages to top my list of Favourite Youtubers. Her originals – Proof, Find You, Lighthouse and Too Far is my list of favourite Alex G Music.

Linkin Park: In the end, it doesn’t even matter. Shut up, it does. LP is the best band you can come across, of course Nirvana is a pleasant sight, but LP is what I adore. From Numb to Encore to In The End, LP has curated some really amazing tracks.

Alessia Cara: This woman at first managed to piss off every inch of me with her cover version of Love Yourself by JB on Youtube. With time, she came up with Here, Scars To Your Beautiful, How Far I’ll Go and Wild Things, Alessia proves that beauty is in the heart and not to be seen just as a physical appearance.

I have so many in my list that having them here is a task!

Rihanna: This beauty is so commercial in for her thing, you cannot unlove her. I have been following since the Pon De Replay days. What I love of Rihanna – Work, Stay, Love The Way You Lie, Pon De Replay, Don’t Stop The Music, Umbrella, We Found Love, Diamonds, Rude Boy, Where have you been and Unfaithful.

Sia: We all have to admit, Sia is a beauty! Cheap Thrills – I couldn’t relate any less to this song. The Greatest is actually one of those beautiful renditions you’d keep repeating and while I don’t take (take with a grain of salt idiom) much of your time, I would literally wanna swing from the Chandelier…. From the Chandelier (JK, I love that song)

What other artists reside in my music playlist haul?
VidyaVox (Youtuber)
KHS (Youtuber)
Alex Goot (Youtuber)
Meghan Trainor

What does your music playlist include? Are any of these your favorite artists? Let me know in the comments below what songs from these artists do you love the most. Have any other song you’d like to suggest me to include in my list? You can comment below!!

Every time YOU comment I come to know that you’ve read this post till the end, hence, adding value to my blog.

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