The Attic Life : Welcome onboard #TALFam

Hello Loves, This is my first post at The Attic Life and I’m so damn excited to get into the feel of it.
Basically The Attic Life was formed after a beautiful merger between ‘Sane Tripper, The Read Side, Lifestyle With Niki, Thought Bubbles and Social owl’ all pre-owned by me (NIKITA RAIKWAR).

So, here’s a quick intro post on why and how was this beautiful baby born.

Let’s start with the basics. Why the attic life?

I basically live in an attic. Trust me when I say this, my bedroom is in all literal sense an attic, not higher than a 6 ft. niche. Since all my shenanigans end up in my cute little attic bedroom, I can rightly have a copyright on the said name, THE ATTIC LIFE.

What else do we have in store?

I own a 100 and 1000s of books, literally. I do! I’ll be doing a quick shelf intro video with you guys to have a look at my mini favourite reads collection. Being a book reader, I have developed a sense of belonging and believe that this is the kind of world I wish to dwell in. Movies that are exclusively an adaptation of books may be a part of the review section on this website.

Look out for resources section on the blog to come across a number of travel guides, DIY and Arts Guide, Tutorials, Must-Reads, Hotels / Books / Theatre / Arts / Restaurants / Food Reviews and much more.

I also have a curated junk of mixed inspo for you to feast your eyes on. So, any time (race against time phrase) you feel that somebody is trying to pull you down, read through our content and fall in love (fall in love synonym) with yourself all over again. You’ll know how when you come across one 😉

Why blog about my life to you?

Blogging is the first thing that comes to my mind every time I wish to share something. I love to share content and my experiences with everyone. I’m not really the goody-good happy-go-lucky kind. I chalk out my plans. I create a calendar of schedule and I make sure I get through it. It’s been an amazing time being a part of the blogging sphere, and I believe my voice matters. Every time I see my content floating on social media and the number of people that engage through my content, I know I speak something valuable.


I am Nikita Raikwar, a self-published author, freelance doodle sketch artist, proofreader and editor, content curator and a social presence improviser. While I loathe the boasting part (yes you read this phrase in my side-bar’s about me section), let me help you embrace the raw me through THE ATTIC LIFE.


We are up for any and all kinds of blogger outreach program in the lifestyle genre.

We love to collaborate for guest blogging and guest posting opportunities.

Yes, we abso-fucking-lutely love sponsor posts. You guys are KICKASS! Now, give me that money.

I help you create a basic blog site (idiom site) for a minimum fee. (let’s virtually grab a cup of coffee and talk about it)

I help you manage your social presence for a minimum fee. (Yes, we can talk about it over a virtual coffee meet, again!)

We love to review all the time, you can always connect with me for Reviews, be it HOTEL, BOOKS, MOVIES, LOCAL THEATRE / PLAYS, or anything that creates a good riot out of LIFESTYLE!!!!

You can connect with me here

Oh yes! Also, I’ll be blogging on a daily. 🙂

I forgot to mention something, everything you read here at TAL are 100% my own opinion and views. Read more in my disclaimer section



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