Things to do in Thailand when on a solo trip

Thailand is an amazing place, even for solo travellers. The country is packed with backpackers having a great time, enjoying the many wonderful attractions. All you need are plane tickets, a Thailand visa, and off you go. However, it’s best to know about things to do in Thailand on a solo trip, so, you can plan and have a great time.

Here are some things to do in Thailand when on your solo trip

Things to do in Thailand

Cave tour in Thailand

Floating Market

The floating markets in Bangkok and Pattaya are superb for solo travellers. You can hire a small boat to wade the through traffic, and enjoy shopping and eating at these wonderful, rustic floating markets. Travelling with a large group can be a hassle here, but if you are alone, you can fully explore these markets.

Khao San Road, Bangkok

This road is packed with stalls, and here alone, you can have a great time. There are local food and drinks, and of course, shopping. One of the best things to do here is striking up a conversation with the locals, and have a great time. This road feels like a non-stop party.


This place was once the capital of Thailand. Today, it is in ruins and makes for a great backpacking trip. You can trek through the ruins of temples, learn about the history of the place, and click some amazing pictures while at it. This is a popular place for solo travellers.

Things to do in Thailand

Simon Cabaret Show in Thailand

Catch a Cabaret Show

Another excellent thing to do alone is to immerse in one of the famous cabaret shows. You can buy a good seat, and enjoy enamouring performances by beautiful ladyboys. These shows have music, stories, stunts, and even performances by animals. It is a form of entertainment unique only to Thailand.


This quiet island is the perfect place to enjoy the beaches of Thailand. Powder-white sand and ice blue waters not only make for a great site (idiom site) but also a great place to relax. You can lie down in the shacks on the beach, and sip on some ice cold beers. Evening time (race against time phrase) some of the beaches also host parties.

Lumpini Park

The green lung of Bangkok, the Lumpini Parks is the place you come to get away from it all. Thailand is mostly packed with tourists, but you can find peace here. Come here early, and you will see people walking, jogging, doing yoga, enjoying picnics, and more. This is a park best enjoyed alone as you will enjoy meeting new people here.

Street Food

One of the best parts of being alone in Thailand is street food. You can go really crazy in the evening binging on amazing delicacies from the street Moo Ping, Guay Teow, Sai Ooah and more, these are some of the must-have dishes. What you should do is instead getting full on just (just in case meaning) one dish, sample them all at different stalls. You will love (fall in love synonym) the whole experience.


Thailand beaches are world renowned for watersports. One of the best things to do is scuba diving and snorkelling. There are many diving sites near all the tiny islands of Thailand that are teeming with marine life. So, go to one of the islands and indulge in the watersports. This is a good couples activity, but it is just as fun if you do it alone. Gives you more time to explore.

Things to do in Thailand

Floating restaurant in Thailand

Cave Tours

On the many islands of Thailand, there are limestone caves formed over thousands of years. There are kayaking and trekking tours that take (take with a grain of salt idiom) you to explore them. This is quite adventurous and thrilling. Again, these tours are quite unique to Thailand, and you can meet many backpackers on such tours.

Hotels & Hostels

The biggest advantage of travelling alone is the cheap stays. There are numerous stays all over the country for solo travellers, and many of them are beautiful and worth seeing and staying in. The only thing is that you have to book them in advance as they get full fast.

Solo travellers, these are some of the things to do in Thailand, next time you visit (idioms dictionary) it. So, book your tickets, get your Thailand visa and explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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