BOOK HAUL: What reads I bought in May and June!

Book Haul

Hello Loves,
Last month has been pretty hectic, considering I was attempting my papers for Masters in English Literature whilst also looking after my sister-in-law (who delivered a baby few days ago). Apart from the ole’ razzle dazzle, I was pretty much occupied reading a lot of books. And I also managed to buy a few of them on sale. So, here’s a quick book haul tour of the books I bought this month and last.

  1. The Revenant – Michael Punke

    I don’t specifically have a reason as to why I bought this book, however, I was at Crossword stores the other day and happened to overhear two young men dabbling in Michael Punke’s works – they sounded quite enthusiastic and almost convinced me into buying this book. So, here I am, reading it and pushing it into my book haul for May!P.S. – It is the Book Of The Month back at The Attic Life! and one of my most anticipated reads in all of the books that form part of this book haul

    Book Haul

    Sidney Sheldon


  2. Tell Me Your Dreams – Sidney SheldonSidney Sheldon, needless to say has the heart of tad too many out there. I haven’t ever had the chance to experience this wonderful author’s writings and I stumbled upon a bookstall on the streets where I met an old man who had some really rad book collection. It never was about the book, it was the author. I had to BUY Sheldon’s work! Like an auto-buy author with no previous experience of reading them!
  3. If I Stay – Gayle Forman

    Apparently, I haven’t bought this book. I borrowed it from @BookLoverVaish to read – since the plot sounds quite on-the-edge and passion-driven. Mia is a talented young cellist who struggles between two things in life – either pursue her musical dreams or follow her heart to stay with the love (fall in love synonym) of her life. However, things don’t always go as planned and Mia meets with an accident. suspended between life and death, Mia faces a choice that will decide her future!

  4. Where She Went – Gayle Forman

    Since I take (take with a grain of salt idiom) hardly a few hours to a maximum of 2 days to complete reading a standalone, I decided to borrow the sequel to #IfIStay from @BookLoverVaish.I am yet to know what happens in the book, but I am pretty sure it is equally exciting as the first part. Until then Gayle Forman rightly sits on the throne of my Book Haul for these two months!

    FUN FACT: If I Stay and Where She Went are both now Major Motion Pictures celebrated globally.

  5. The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

    Yes, Yes. I know I am late to the game. But, it’s better late than never, right?We all know what this book is about. It is by far one of the most celebrated YA Contemporary Fiction there is in the bookstagram community and revolves around the lives of cancer-ridden Hazel and Augustus (and their blooming love of FOREVER). However, circumstances find them in a loop, and things take a turn for the worse!

    Also this book was adapted into a movie – Reviews for the same here!

    Book Haul

    Jo Nesbo !


  6. Headhunters – Jo Nesbo.I have been religiously following the BOOKSTAGRAM community where I met Abby @CrimeByTheBook who posted about Macbeth by Jo Nesbo. And since I trust her word about the books she reads and the authors she love, I decided to give Jo Nesbo a chance, and now, he nestles in my little attic bookish room!

Book Haul – CLASSICS!

  1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
  2. Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe
  3. The Great Expectations – Charles Dickens
  4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespeare
  5. Wuthering Heights – E.M. Forster

I won’t go into the details of the aforementioned reads, but I will share a consolidated insight as to why these books were purchased and why they made it to my book haul. I attempted my first year exams for Masters in English Literature two weeks ago and had British Novel as my subject with the above mentioned 5 books in my syllabus. Long Story Short, I ended up buying them all, reading them and critically analysing them. The result? My exams went pretty well.

Book Haul

I know this blog sucked, and I cannot help it otherwise. Please be gentle, this is the first time (race against time phrase) I am doing a book haul! Also, stay tuned for the next blog in the series. I am posting a quick review of TFIOS.

Look out for the same!


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