Silver Package

The Silver Package includes a 30 minutes complimentary call and 4 in-house sessions of 5 hours each. Each session will be exclusive to one category of organizing only.

  • 1st session – understanding your goals with respect to tidying, decluttering, discarding and organizing. Room Tour of all the rooms that require tidying. Learning how to declutter and discard items.
  • 2nd session – Getting in-depth into learning tidying and organizing methods. Learning what storage bins/items you need or don’t need.
  • 3rd session – Making sense of professional organizing and executing all the tidying rules under The Attic Life.
  • 4th Session – the last session includes conclusion program inclusive of the last tidying step + progress report, as well as before/after photography.

In Short: 20 hours program of 4 sessions priced at ₹ 5500 INR per session (1100 INR per hour)

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