Restore Happiness – Declutter, Tidy, Organize, Maintain

Restore Happiness – Declutter, Tidy, Organize, Maintain

An unorganized home stretches to build an unorganized mind and for someone who has been tidying since Day 1, organizing comes easy to us. But, if you are struggling to find the key to your lock, the medicine to your poison and the perfect organizing system to your chaotic cluttered living – we have something super awesome just for you. Hire decluttering services in India, if you are looking to find that organized peaceful home with us

Yes, you read it right! We are sharing our Super Exclusive, Super-Secret, Top 5 Decluttering Tips right here right now. But before we dive into this space. Let’s understand what clutter really is.

Your home is a warehouse of abundant items, used – unused – and never taken care of. You may be amidst a shift in your life where you are trying to find the right balance to have a cosy home, or you may simply be looking for that favourite tie that you always wear to a job interview. No matter what your case is, you are possibly here because of two reasons. A) you love to clean and want to apply a better organizing system at home or B) You are living in a mess and are trying to find the perfect advice to kickstart your decluttering spree.

Decluttering is as simple as it sounds, it takes you through different stages of tidying and allows you to live a happy, sound and peaceful life. But, a lot of people complaint about rebound phases or that they are back to the clutter they once happily discarded. Let me help you get to the root of it.

Decluttering allows you to look at your items, touch them, thank them for their use and trash, move, donate, keep them as per your needs. However, many a time, a lot of people try to hide away these decluttered items at different places in the house – creating an ILLUSION of a tidy home, when in reality, the CLUTTER STAYS THERE.

With that, we head into STEP 1 of DECLUTTERING!

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Not a day goes by when I recommend my clients to begin by purging their organizers, closets, wardrobes, drawers, furnishings and all the spaces that they keep their items.

Always stick to one category of items for decluttering. For instance, if you are straight-headed to purge your kitchen, start by decluttering all the expired items and trashing them away on the spot. Then lookout for items that are nearing the expiry date (so that you can use them prior to using the products you recently purchased)

When you are done decluttering, you are done with step 1 in our 4-way method. Learn what’s the 4-way method here.

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  1. The 4-Way Method:

Each item that you find needs to go through the 4-way method, i.e., move, keep, donate, trash. Hence, if you find an item that can still be used however serves no purpose to you, you can choose to donate it to a charity, orphanage, old age home or any non-profit you support, otherwise. You could choose to avail decluttering services in Mumbai or any other city you live in.

Designate places for different items. Once you have purged through your knick-knacks separated the to-donate items from to-trash items, your next step is to choose between moving the item to the CORRECT designated spot or keeping it where you think it serves its purpose best.

P.S.: You’d not want to have your everyday use mason jars stored in the top shelves – that way you will always struggle to reach them. It’s best to keep items that you most often use in front of the eye. Eye-level designations serve best for those who are always on the run – that way you tend to minimize time wastage and effectively find what you need right in front of you!

  1. Functionality and Elegance Combined:

Not only would you like to have your items serve you purpose and stay functional to you, but they also need to add peace, happy vibes and serenity among you and your family members. If an item that you have at home doesn’t really spark feelings of happiness and content, they don’t deserve to stay with you.

This is one of the keys to finding a happy spot in your home and something that ace decluttering services and professional organizing companies swear by!

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  1. Sentimental Items:

You may have items that you have an emotional attachment or sentiment too, and you may choose to either discard them or keep them with you. But think about it, do you really need that specific item in the long run? Is that sentiment a happy sentiment? Does the item offer you pain or happiness? Learn to let go things that no longer serve you a happy life and step into discard/donating/trashing away any sentimental item you think you no longer require or you no longer think you need to have.

While at first, you may feel a bit uncomfortable doing so, in the long run, it will surely help you place yourself on a higher peaceful pedestal. Remember, a lot of things happen, some come as life lessons and some stay as memories – no matter what your affection towards that sentimental item is – it is important that you part your ways with them and not cling to a certain thing for a long time. Moving on is your best option.

Are you still fighting the fight towards creating a steady, organized and tidy home? Connect with us today and we shall offer you a complimentary 1-hour consultation to help you with your requirements. You can choose to hire decluttering services in your area through our consultation form as well.  Nothing says self-care like decluttering!

Let us help you restore happiness that will bring cosy, warmth and peaceful vibes at your home.




Nikita Raikwar

Always ready for tidying, Nikita Raikwar is the Founder of The Attic Life, The Write Side Co and Book Pitaara. She is a serial entrepreneur with a vision to help others cultivate the joy in simple living. Whilst not daylighting as an entrepreneur, Nikita enjoys cooking meals for the family, kitchen gardening in her backyard, doing DIYS and tidying at home and always planning out room makeovers back and again!

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