Places you should not miss out on, when in Delhi

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Delhi, being the Capital of India is a historic city with a fusion of modernity.  Proudly named as the Mini India, it has got everything you would just (just in case meaning) name. From magnificent Monuments to the Best of the architectural building, from the famous finger-licking street food to the continental and state food, and from the local bazaars to the famous shopping markets, you name it and Delhi has it.  

Getting you the best locations of Delhi you must visit.

Delhi has a great deal of magnificent Historic Monuments. The mesmerising architectures and locations of these monuments leave one totally spellbound. The best Architectures of History in Delhi are:

Jama Masjid


Jama Masjid

(image source)

The Asia’s largest Mosque, Jama Masjid was Shah Jahan’s Final Architectural triumph. Built with marble and red sand-stone, its can house up to 25000 people at a time.

Presidents House (Rashtrapati Bhawan)


Rashtrapati Bhavan

(image source)

The whole soul house of the Power to the Nation, the President’s House is another magnificent architecture in Delhi with the two channelled Mughal Gardens, and a beautiful fountain in the middle, the Rashtrapati Bhawan is the place you must visit.

Delhi s also known for its Mouthwatering and finger-licking street food. One must go on Delhi Food Tour. Providing you with the best locations for food in Delhi:

Chandni Chowk and Nizamuddin


Busy Street – Chandni Chowk

(image source)

Chandni Chowk and Nizamuddin, both are the land famous for their variety of food. Check out the best food at the best location of Chandni Chowk and Nizamuddin:

  • Yummilicious variety of Parathas at Parathe Waali Gali
  • Harish’s Chole Kulche
  • Chainram’s Badam Halwa and Karachi Halwa
  • Tikki and Chat below the Central Bank Building
  • Faluda at Gianni
  • Khan Chacha’s Non-Veg at Nizamuddin
  • Nazir’s Kabab at Nizamuddin
  • Biryani of Nizamuddin

Delhi is considered as a fashion hub. The many bazaars at Delhi offer a humongous range of fashion apparels, accessories and much more on a budget. Be it local products or international brands, this place has it all. People from different part of the world come just to explore the Indian style of apparel. Foreigners are really interested to see how these clothes are actually prepared. Keeping this thing in mind many Travel Company has started Delhi Shopping Tour. Explore the best markets of Delhi:

Explore the best markets in town:

Spice Market (Khari Baowli)

The only spice market of Delhi located nearby Chandni Chowk is Khari Baowli. This market has got every single spice you would just name for. Don’t be muddled for much time.

Haat Market

The Hub of Handicrafts, Delhi Haat, is a place that not only provides you with the best and most beautiful Handicrafts but also entertains you with the frequent cultural programs that are hosted.

Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh

Chandni Chowk is again just not famous for its food but also for its variety of Indian traditional wear you would find here. The best wedding Lehengas, semi-precious jewellery, embroidered bags, silk and cotton garments, books and electronic goods are available at the best prices.

While Karol Bagh also houses everything for everyone at reasonable prices. The Best Bridal Wear, Indian Garments, Shoes, Cosmetics, Books, Gadgets and crucial electronic items can be bought at a good price.

Now as you know what things you have to explore on your tour, what are you waiting for? Experience the Dilwalon ki Dilli with its amazing stuff!

Guest Post by Yashika:
Yashika isn’t lost. She simply chose the Road Less Travelled. Bit by the travel bug, she believes she isn’t made up of sugar and spice but of adventure, brain, beer and everything fine. Go on a virtual rendezvous with her at Travelsite India.


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