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What is KonMari Method and Why Is It Trending Right Now?

For someone who has been on a home organizing spree and trying to spruce up their life, the KonMari Method may have been a decluttering method you would have come across. However, if you are clueless about what exactly this method and how it helps you; this is the perfect opportunity for you. Let’s begin by understanding what the KonMari Method is and how did it come into being.


What is the KonMari Method?

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Marie Kondo’s bestselling book is no longer just (just in case meaning) a book. (and now, a Netflix Show) but a cultural phenomenon taking declutter and home organizing enthusiasts by the storm. The KonMari method helped thousands to bring out a positive change into their lives and home collectively. How? Well, let’s learn about it below.

First off, this method is not for the faint-hearted so if you are not into rigorous decluttering – you may not like the KonMari style of decluttering and organizing. While other methods will encourage you to declutter and organize your home location-wise, wardrobe-wise, in a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly-fashion. That is not the case with the KonMari Method. Infact, with the KonMari method, you will have to declutter everything all at once.

How does it work?

The KonMari Method works in a two-parts system. First, Decluttering and Second, Discarding. The process? It’s simple. You like a thing and if it adds value to your home and your life, keep it. If it doesn’t throw it away.

Tidy All At Once:

The KonMari Method focuses on tidying everything at once instead of doing it in bits and pieces, over a span of weeks and months altogether. For someone like me, who takes delight in taking up one room a week to declutter, the Konmari method simply comes as a surprise, trust me. Because I have always been under the impression that that’s how you declutter until KonMari arrived.

Storage Creates Illusion:

The method specifically mentions that storing it away simply creates the illusion that the clutter problems have been solved. In reality, the clutter is still there, it is just organized in a manner that it doesn’t look cluttered anymore. Kondo asks you to gather up the courage and throw away those items that you simply don’t need at all. Or products that have been lying across your home because you are too emotionally invested in them?

KonMari Method - The Attic Life

KonMari Method – The Attic Life

Category and Not Location:

While we decluttered location-wise, first the living room, then the kitchen, then the storage and last the bedrooms (or any sequence for that matter). Marie Kondo advises that one needs to declutter category wise instead of location-specific home organizing. What does that mean? Basically choose a category, for instance, Clothes and declutter all the cupboards, drawers and wardrobes, shelves and places that your clothes would be kept in. Why? Because when you choose a category for decluttering and discarding, you are actually in the real process of decluttering. Other times, you simply keep elements of that location in the place they are supposed to be, irrespective of whether you have created the decluttering illusion or not.

One Size Fits All:

There is no specific, personalized, tailor-made or customized declutter rule when it comes to the KonMari Method one size fits all. Over time, people tend to gather clutter and the only way to do it is? Read below.

Two-Step Mechanism:

Declutter and Discard, the only way to actually get rid of the clutter you accumulate over time. The underlying conclusion to being a KonMari pro is understanding what elements at home and in your life SPARK JOY and what don’t. Keep those that do and discard those that don’t. It is as simple.

With all that being said, I will still like to mention that the KonMari method may not be your kind of home organizing method. And That Is Okay! I am also not the one who’d live under a KonMari’d home, only because I have people around and not everyone’s lifestyle needs are as same as mine. Also, I have a huge cluster (800+) of books in my attic perfectly organized and they do SPARK JOY! but they are a waste of space according to Marie Kondo if you are not going to read them for the next coming years. So, yeah, that’s about it.

Do you think KonMari Method is your next best friend? Tell us in the comments below what you think of Marie Kondo’s latest decluttering USP! And share your views about the same with us all 🙂

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