It is going to be more books from now on!

Hello Loves,
Welcome back to TAL. As you all know, The Attic Life primarily was made to talk about books, i.e., books, book haul, TBR, Bookstagram 101, Tips and Tricks, Reading Tips, Book Reviews and Recommendations, Author Interviews, so on and so forth. However, as everything in my life goes – Things didn’t really work according to the plan. Hence, you all had a brief encounter with a number of niche, travel, inspiration, personal blogging, to be specific.

But, I am writing this blog to make a quick update and a round-up on the past one year and how things look in the near future. To start with, TAL will now only and only talk about Books, DIY, and Home Decor aesthetic. But, if I do travel, which ofcourse I love (fall in love synonym) to, then you’ll find tad bits of my traveloguing in here.

But for the time (race against time phrase) being, I am going to stick to my Bookstagram theme. Also, for those new here, I used THIS PROFILE (My personal account) as my offical Blog Instagram space – which has now been permanently shifted to THIS PROFILE – The Attic Life Blog IG Space.

See what I did there? Please do look into both these spaces. For those who are an ardent fan of photographs, travel and ME, duh! You can go follow my personal account and comment something like, ‘ Hey I read your recent blog and thought I’d give you a follow’. For others, who love books, bookstagram and everything surrounding paperback (ILY GUYS) – please go follow my Instagram Blog Space as mentioned above.


Credits: Pixabay

I recently bought some materials for candle making and if things work well, I’d be posting a blog on how to make a candle soon. I am prepping up for my First Year exams (Masters in English Literature) and will be done by 2nd June *which is my mum’s birthday* that’s when you’ll hear more of me and also A BIG REAL REAL BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING YOUR WAY GUYZZ!!

So, stay tuned with me. Follow me on either of my Instagram, or both, I mean – no biggie, And you’ll know what the buzz is all about.

Until next time!


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