Interviewing Steven J Gill – Author of The Rock ‘N The Roll ‘N That

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I recently had the opportunity to interview the author of ‘The Rock ‘N The Roll ‘N That – Steven J Gill. Without further ado, let’s dive into our interview for the day

  • Where did the idea for this book come from?

The onset of middle-age doesn’t represent what it once did. It is fascinating – to me – to witness the physical feats, the pastimes, career breaks that this generation is now undertaking. Your typical forty-something has in the region of three decades worth of music to call upon. And the vinyl in junkie is commonplace.

My thinking was to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a fairly typical 21st-century forty-something (Johnny Harrison) and transplant him into the music industry. A stroke of luck and what could be described as a selfish-streak lead our protagonist into a whole new life. Dealing with middle-aged insecurities and issues at the same time (race against time phrase) as guiding the hottest band to the top seemed like an intriguing proposition.


There’s a few that stand out to me, but my absolute favourite is when a lifelong friend of Johnny’s questions wisdom in jacking everything into work with the band. His ‘beer garden’ rant is a definite highlight. And it all kicks off with the immortal line/cliché of “what’s the worst that could happen…”

  • Where is your book set and why?

The book is largely set in Manchester but takes in London, New York and Japan. Manchester is my hometown and I know its nightlife first hand.

  • When you’re not writing, what do you do with yourself?

I would imagine this a typical answer from most writers – reading. I tend to alternate between a fiction book and non-fiction. I enjoy what I consider is a golden age of TV and film and since embarking on my own writing, it’s fascinating to watch narratives and how and when gear changes take place with plotlines. I’m also a cat, coats and Beatles obsessive. At last count, I have more Beatles books than coats but it’s a close-run thing…

Going to the gym, travel and the odd (mid-life crisis) dusting down of my rugby boots is probably about it.

  • Do you have any other ideas in the pipeline?

I have a couple of definite ideas that I want to work on in the future and have one in draft form that I intend to pick up once the promo work on this book is done.

The story is about three childhood friends whose paths drift apart only to converge time and again. Their adult world is blighted by the continuation of an adolescent game of ‘dare’ that has inexplicably been rolled over way past its expiry date.

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