How to Avoid Common Juice And Smoothie Mistakes

Storing or Freezing Your Juice and Smoothie

You can do it, and it’s still better than the train wreck of lost nutrition in anything bottled or canned. But just (just in case meaning) know that the sooner you consume your juice or smoothie, the more nutrients you receive. Some nutrients such as enzymes are gone in minutes even if you refrigerate!

Not Using Greens!

They’re so nutrient-rich that just a leaf or two in your juice and smoothie delivers tremendous health benefits.

And they’re cheap! Common greens are beet, collards, kale and spinach. Too many can upset your stomach. Some greens are NOT good for you such as carrot greens.

You can even harvest green in your own backyard such as dandelion, clove and sorrel. Or grow your own. Try the most amazing green of all – wheatgrass! You can grow it in a pot at home year-round for pennies!

Juice & Smoothie

Not Using Certain Spices!

Try adding one of these 2 spices to all of your juice and smoothie recipes – even just a dash! Research has proven that cinnamon and turmeric are both packed with powerful disease-fighting compounds. They are, to date, more powerful than any other herb or spice!

Worrying About Mixing Fruits & Vegetables!

If you have a sensitive digestive system then nutritional science suggests keeping them separate, but for the vast majority, there is no harm or intestinal distress with mixing any fruit and veggie in your juice or smoothie. Even nutritionists concede that certain fruits and veggies are fine together, such as apples with any vegetable and carrots with any fruit.

Gas and bloating are likely to be the worst symptoms you’ll ever experience. Any intestinal distress can often be easily remedied by drinking your juice or smoothie on an empty stomach!

Drinking the Same Recipe Over and Over!

I do this too! I find something I like and I stick with it, but in the juice and smoothie worlds, variety is much better for you. Fresh juices and smoothies are so packed with nutrition that you want to be sure you’re not overloading on particular nutrients, especially if you have certain medical conditions such as a thyroid problem – too many cruciferous veggies, for instance, can disrupt your thyroid medication. Varying your recipes can avoid this.

Young People Who Diet on Juice or Smoothies!

I’m picking on this age group simply because they are often the most passionate and extreme. Sure, experiment if you wish, but be careful of nutrient deficiencies when relying on juice or smoothies alone for all your nutrition for more than several days. Vegan and vegetarian diets have been proven to provide adequate nutrition, but not without making sure they get adequate amounts of certain nutrients that are more difficult (not impossible) to get solely from fruits and vegetables.

You Don’t Drink One Because the Other Is Better!

I’ve looked at this issue carefully and conclude that when it comes to fresh juices and smoothies, you can’t go wrong with either! Sometimes I like a juice. Sometimes a smoothie.

Drinking Fresh Juices & Smoothies AND Taking Multivitamins!

Save your money! You never need to buy another supplement if you drink fresh juice and smoothie regularly. It’s simply a fact that you get much more nutrition from either a fresh juice or smoothie than from the best supplements unless specifically prescribed by your doctor. Plus, studies are beginning to show that too many supplements can be harmful.

Hope this was helpful, and please share it with a friend.


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