Find Value – Happy Little Things

Find Value – Happy Little Things

Journeying through life we learn about a lot of things. Love, Emotions, Passion, Rage, Behaviour, Habits and more. It is these little things that make life. For someone who is in a constant battle with organization, finding joy can be an arduous task. It can make you experience all the stages of grief, allow you to dwell onto your emotions, make you aware of your habit patterns, and let you embrace your inner rage. Through the meticulous task of organizing shall you learn the art of finding joy in little things. Let’s discuss how to find value!

But, how do you find value? And what are these little things?

When you make up your mind to quest onto finding the key to living, you will come across myriads of experiences. A few of those will serve you the right purpose, a few you’d want to get rid of, and some you’d keep as sentimental values that prove the ingredient to your happiness. So, how do you choose which element serves what purpose? Here’s how:

You scour through the elements in your life, your home, your office space. Through the process of touch, feel and attention to detail – you’d find how each element brings out an emotion in you. Each emotion helps serve the purpose in your decision-making skills. Purging through items in your life, your home and workspace or elements in your mind lets you have a free space. a free flow of thoughts and a focused mindset.

So? Begin your value finding through the art of purging. Whenever I meet a new client, I always recommend them to start with the PURGE! Every second spent on purging will only and only help you radicalize your needs and find a set of items that inevitably bring joy to you.

The day you are surrounded by items that bring joy, is of value to you and lets you emote a positive vibe, is the day you have achieved the first step to organization.

But, now that you have found value. How do you cultivate the habit of maintenance? You create a change. Learn more on how to create change and cultivate the habit of organizing through this quick resource material.

See you on the other side!



Nikita Raikwar

Always ready for tidying, Nikita Raikwar is the Founder of The Attic Life, The Write Side Co and Book Pitaara. She is a serial entrepreneur with a vision to help others cultivate the joy in simple living. Whilst not daylighting as an entrepreneur, Nikita enjoys cooking meals for the family, kitchen gardening in her backyard, doing DIYS and tidying at home and always planning out room makeovers back and again!

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