Book Review: Dog Yogi Banyan Tree – Rajan Sankaran

Disclaimer: I was asked to post an honest review of the book ‘ Dog Yogi Banyan Tree ‘ in exchange of the paperback by Think WhyNot group.

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It was Diwali here in India and I had the time (race against time phrase) of my life with my family and friends. I am sorry for not being active on my social pages lately, blame DIWALI for that. However, I am back with another book review for you all. This book is named as ‘Dog Yogi Banyan Tree’ and is written by world-renowned homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran. The book is published by HMP Publishing and here’s my take (take with a grain of salt idiom) on the same.

Cover: I love (fall in love synonym) the simplicity of the cover design. For me, it portrays the life of a man through possible vignettes and patterns he has had an experience in. It is perfect and apt for the kind of book DYBT is.

Storyline: I realized this book is a non-fiction meaning that the short stories and life lessons that form part of the book are personally experienced by the author himself. I absolutely am in love with each of the stories that form a beautiful part of this quick and breezy read.

What I love the most about this book is that it is 222 pages long and there are more than 222 life lessons that you will learn through these pages. For those that are looking to go on a spiritual self-discovery, DYBT is your must-have winter read.


Dog Yogi Banyan Tree

Few of my favourite excerpts from Dog Yogi Banyan Tree :

But, it is a lion!

Once, on the train back from a holiday, a fellow passenger asked my father how many children he had. When my father said that I was his only child, he asked if one child was not too few, and my father told him a story. He described a meeting in the jungle between the animals in which they were comparing how many children each of them had. The goat said she had eight, the horse said they had six, the elephants six too, and so on. When the lion’s turn came, he said, “I have only one.” Then he paused and said, ‘But it is a lion!”

The Doha of Saint Kabir that displayed the very essence of living!

In a sonorous voice, he sang the lines of the sixteenth century Indian saint Kabir. The words in Hindi can be roughly translated as:

“Let your mind be attuned to the higher truth,
while the world engages in petty quarrels.
The elephant walks at its own pace
not bothered about the dogs that bark.”

When he finished singing these lines he came over to me, gently caressed my back and left. I realized he had just (just in case meaning) conveyed to me the very essence of life. One had to do what one felt was right, unconcerned with what others feel or comment. I re-examined all the work that I had done until then, decided it was right and was the way to go.

Apart from these, you’ll find n number of such beautiful stories in this book. I also noticed that the book has its own Instagram and Facebook Page and they post excerpts from the book on these pages.

OVERAL RATING: 4 out of 5.

When it came to honing his vocabulary, I must say the author has done a commendable job. However, I am slightly disappointed by the editor who didn’t take enough time to revisit common rules of grammar when it comes to using the right conjugation, punctuations and even as little as sentence construction. However, with the beauty that this book is, I am going to put away these little mishaps on the sidelines (BASICALLY IGNORE THEM)

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