Create Change – The Art of Cultivating Newer Habits

Create Change – The Art of Cultivating Newer Habits

Now that you have learnt how to find value, it’s time to focus on habit building and learning to create change!

We have learnt since our childhood how important is habit formation. Through the littlest of thoughts put into creating a set of routine, our family has always helped maintain a balance between life and chores. These habits make us who we are. And for someone who is struggling to find value and cultivate a change in them, this resource guide will allow you to meet your inner balance through the art of change.

But, what is change? And why must it be cultivated? How to create change?

The internet says that change is the act or the process through which something becomes different. To me, change is the idea of shifting your gears towards a productive and healthy lifestyle. It is through change that we can learn and reap the benefits of happy simplified living. By bringing in a change within us, we allow our inner demons to confront our fears. We produce enough energy within us to work towards the life we dream of. So, when you are asked to control your mind, focus on the right, confront your fears – you are doing nothing, but bringing in a change within your mindset.

The same goes with organization. Changing our habit patterns and adopting the right attitude will help save tons of time in our lives. This switch from a passive living to an active living helps us achieve what we aspire to have. So, let today be that day where you gear up for the better and step into the process of fulfilment, contentment, joy and happiness.

To start with, learn the process of decluttering (Find Value), then focus on designation, tidying and placement, once you have understood the value and where each of these valued possession should you keep – you will have understood the significance of cultivating a change in you!

And once you have achieved the right way to create change, you are done with the second step to organization. Now, let’s step into the third and final step into your organization process. Read more to find out

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Nikita Raikwar

Always ready for tidying, Nikita Raikwar is the Founder of The Attic Life, The Write Side Co and Book Pitaara. She is a serial entrepreneur with a vision to help others cultivate the joy in simple living. Whilst not daylighting as an entrepreneur, Nikita enjoys cooking meals for the family, kitchen gardening in her backyard, doing DIYS and tidying at home and always planning out room makeovers back and again!

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