3 Stylish ways to use shrugs and leggings in winters

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I recently had a chance to collaborate with IndiaRush on winter essentials and winter fashion haul. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what the team at IndiaRush has in store for you.


The two most important things for winters are keeping you warm and in style! With winters standing and knocking at the door, we have to be ready to stay cosy and stylish in winters, just (just in case meaning) like summers. If you know the trick you can wear the same summer clothes in winters and create a whole new winter wardrobe without any major changes. From online shrugs to the style tips, everything is on the internet. You just need to understand what goes right with what! Wearing those warm solid coloured tees with same everyday jeans is not fun. If you have the fashion desires to create your own style statement, this article is for you only. You can have a perfect winter look with same summer colourful shrugs and black opaque leggings.

Here are the few style tips to style your look just by adding summer online shrugs and leggings:

Under summer shorts

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Remember the rule, when in doubt wear shorts! Yes, this applies in winters also. Now you might be thinking how it is possible to wear the same summer shorts in winters. But believe me, it’s pretty easy. What do you think your leggings are!? You can easily pair the same denim shorts with a great pair of opaque leggings and wear under cutoffs. With the wide array of different materials and colours, online leggings are easily available. Add a beanie and ankle or high knee boots for a complete winter look. Layer it up with a warm shrug and you’re all set to go.

On solid coloured warm tees

online shrugs

Warm and solid coloured tees are lifesavers in winters. They along well with everything and keep you warm in the first place. But sometimes these high/medium neck tees look dull. You can add some charm to the tees just by layering up a colourful shrug over it. These summer shrugs have the power to change your look completely in minutes. You can go for printed shrugs or plain shrugs to match them up with your attire. You can easily find these online shrugs in multiple materials, colours and styles.

Layer it over crop tops

onling shrugs

Crop tops are the new-in’ trend and girls are drooling over them.   These tops come in different colours and designs. Whether you pair them up with jeans or shorts or even with palazzo, they go along well with almost everything. These tops are famous for flaunting your sexy curves in elegance. But wearing these tops in winters without killing its essence is a bit difficult. You can have the style these tops are known for, just by layering up a shrug over it. You can wear any basic colour crop top and palazzo pants and add the dark coloured shrug over it for a complete chic look.

Don’t let these snowy and cold breezy wind to fly away from your style with it. Be the fashionista you are and flaunt your style even in winters. Order online leggings in warm materials for happy, warm and cosy winters.

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