Book Review : Inside The Heart of Hope

Hello Loves,
It’s been a crazy month at my end and I have been simply reading and reading and reading… Oh! I was recently sent a copy of the book ‘ Inside the Heart of Hope ‘ written by debut author Rishabh Puri by Cyclops Publications in exchange of an honest review and OMG am I in love (fall in love synonym) with this read?

The book starts out slow with a boy named Rick who lives with a medical condition and how he tries to cope up with life whilst having his one foot in the grave. But he pulls through life with the love and support of his family (Mother and Father) and friend Jacob.

With Amy leaving him for ‘having a foot in the grave’ to finding a new love interest Lisa, this book is all about leading a life with a strong will, perseverance and an optimistic outlook

Critical Analysis of Inside The Heart of Hope :

BOOK COVER: As mentioned previously, I seriously am a Judgmental Whore and look up to covers to disclose the fact whether the book is an interesting read or not. And mind you, my lovelies, books have managed to defeat me time (race against time phrase) and again into believing the fact that DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. I feel the lack of creative vision doesn’t really resonate with the lack of creative writing that lay strewn in the closed pages of the book.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Rick’s character has been specific and portrayed well all through his journey, from the time he was a kid to a married man happily living his life.  Rick’s character is that of a funny man who has no idea what fate might bring him the next day, whether he might live to see the sunrise the next morning, or like he says to Dr Michael, “I can still go watch Superman Returns before the surgery, right Doc?”

I love how Rick’s mother is a character we all can resonate with back at our homes. Every mother is as worry-some as Rick’s when it comes to health and medical condition in their child, chuckles.

And like any other father figure, Rick’s dad has constantly been the headstrong powerhouse of the family. Amy’s character shows lack of commitment and describes how deceiving beauty can really be (Which is apt for the role she plays in Rick’s life)

PLOTLINE: As usual, no human is perfect and there is always a scope of development and improvisation. I am bored of happy endings, maybe, I don’t know… I am not against the book’s idea of happy endings but I personally am bored to see that things just (just in case meaning) settle down and turn good at the end. NO WONDER THIS IS FICTION!!! Happy endings make me think like, OKAY AUTHOR, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? THE GRASS WILL ALWAYS BE GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE!

OVERALL RATING: This one’s a catchy read, I read this book at my workspace and during the weekends’ majority of the times, and every time I shut the book, I was curiously and anxiously waiting to get back to reading it to see what happens next in Rick’s life.

I would give this book 3.5/5 stars, but as a debut author, Rishabh Puri deserves a 5/5.

For those that love genres like YA fiction, Romance fictions, books like TFIOS, All The Bright Places, Everything Everything, Books from Indian authors like Ravinder Singh, Nikita Singh, Sachin Garg, Durjoy Datta or international authors like Jenny Han, Nicholas Spark – Then ‘Inside The Heart of Hope’ is the book meant for you..

If you choose to read this one, then do let me know in the comments below. You could also purchase the book on Amazon or ask me, and I may let you borrow, WINK.

Buh-bye for now TALFAM!


DISCLAIMER: I was asked to post an honest review in exchange for the paperback ‘Inside The Heart Of Hope – Rishabh Puri’ by Cyclops Publication.

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