Book Review: People Called Ahmedabad

People Called Ahmedabad
Disclaimer : “I was asked to offer a honest review of “People Called Ahmedabad” in exchange of the paperback version.”

Hello Loves,
Glad to have you all back in here. Recently, I received the book “People Called Ahmedabad” on my doorstep and to be honest, I wasn’t quite delighted by the look of it. You can call me judgmental for judging a book by its cover. The cover is chic, extrinsic – although not usually the kind I dive into for a read. So, here I am managing to read through the firsts and lasts of the foreword, and yet I find nothing that interests my tastes and liking.

However, I have no choice but review this book, so I put on my reading caps with my latte on the side and cozy up for this quick breezy uninteresting read. As I call it. HOW WRONG I WAS TO JUDGE THIS BOOK!

Reading through the pages and skimming back and forth through this beautifully written piece made me so happy that words won’t be enough. If you love (fall in love synonym) travel, believe in the sense of belonging, understand culture and love to dwell with the locals, this book is surely the read you’re looking for.

I mean, who knew that Parag Desai brainstormed with Gandhiji to come up with the brand name “Wagh Bakri” for their pan India tea brand? Who knew that Jafferbhai, a muslim, and his family made sure a diya is lit near the figurine of Goddess Lakshmi? Who knew about the story of Ahmed Shah, the one that founded Ahmedabad. And what bliss it is to understand why prosperity runs through this city day and night!

People Called Ahmedabad will interest you through many facets of life of the Amdavadis. While you peruse through every episode that lets you get a step close to Ahmedabad, People Called Ahmedabad will make you smile, have happy tears, experience joy, sorrow – emotions in all.

I dived into a series of vividly colored tales that surface lives that experience triumph, makes you believe in your dreams and uplift your spirits. What I loved the most about this book is its use of local terms that add to the very flavour that Ahmedabad lives in. You’ll find a myriad of terms like Amdavadi, Khodiyaar Maata ni Vaav, kankotris, vatki vyavahar and pehle sago padosi, qawwali and sadra. A book that truly lives to the spirit of Ahmedabad and makes you feel like you’re walking through the lanes and tiny niches of the city while reading through this beautiful Amdavadi-loving read.

What episodes from this book did I love the most?

I loved to read through “A stepwell in my backyard, the monk and the layman, the world’s a stage… or screen, The foodaholics, the clay club and it’s tea time.

If you wish to connect with your roots, want to understand the significance of culture and embrace people’s life with a fresh perspective, wish to know how businesses started and flourished in the little BIG city, believe in the fact that dreams DO come true if you strive enough for it then I suggest that you definitely read through People Called Ahmedabad. People Called Ahmedabad manages to widen one’s perspectives about dreams, aspirations and opportunities that come knocking down the door.

Nisha Nair Gupta has done every bit of justice while curating this skilfully placed read.

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About The Book:

People Called Ahmedabad is the city’s collective narrative through the stories of its people. Often, these stories are literary works in their own right. But it is neither the writer’s nor the protagonist’s personal story. They assimilate the city, falling serendipitously into compartments to encompass its history. Through a collection of 55 stories cutting across this social geography, People Called Ahmedabad tries to deliver a re-reading of the city.

Nisha Nair Gupta

Yatin Pandya

Conceptualised by:
People Called Project.
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