Book Review: Life And The Grey Notes

Disclaimer: “I was asked to offer a honest review of “Life and the grey notes” in exchange of the paperback version.”

Hello Loves,
I recently landed a dream job and since then have been unable to create content for you guys. This review has been in my draft folder since quite a while now. Without further adieu let’s have a look at my experience reading “Life and The Grey Notes by Mayank Singar”

Life and the Grey notes is a book comprising of 10 short stories that dwell between the blacks and whites of our lives, the grey matter. Mayank has rightly shared snippets of life in the form of deceit, ambition, aspiration, love, family and much more. Each story is cleverly weaved into stories that teach you about life and that’s what has changed my perspectives about a few things I earlier saw otherwise.

Each story starts with an introduction about the subject or topic that Mayank has weaved a story from.

The story then starts after the quick introduction. There are varied stories ranging from the story of the man who fails to somehow be connected with his father and loses him in the bargain by being at Gurgaon, to how pet owners unintentionally fail to understand pets sometimes, and how it’s important to understand our calling and what we really wish to be with our lives – a story resonating with the characteristics of Bermuda Triangle.

From the inescapable dilemma of a tea stall owner caught in the mesh of societal hypocrisy, to the inherent tendency to presume and judge that lurks within each one of us, the cherished place we accord to individual faith and the element of divinity, the intricately entwined threads of emotion in the Indian ethos can all be derived from this collection of experiences in the form of a book.

Life and the grey notes

These stories will take (take with a grain of salt idiom) you through the minutes of living, making you doubt your conscience, ask you vivid life questions, confuse you or take you on a journey of simple living. It depends on you and only you as to how you perceive it to be.

For me, Life and The Grey Notes was a quick breezy read and allowed myself to clear my mind.

It’s a read you can come back to at any point of time (race against time phrase) when you feel you need an answer to something that has been stuck in your mind all this while.

I’d recommend this book to those that prefer to read about life tales, about experiences, about simple living, about family and connections, about love (fall in love synonym) and more so about finding yourself.

Have  you had a chance to read Life and The Grey notes ? How was your experience, comment below!

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    Anna nuttall
    April 20, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    This sound like the book ‘The hours’ (it was a Nicole Kidman film a few years ago) where you look at people lives. Sorry the snopsis reminded me of that book (which was such a book to read!). Anyway this sound really interesting and I will take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a look. xx

    • Reply
      Anna nuttall
      April 20, 2017 at 5:30 pm

      Sorry I was meant to say * (which was such a dull book to read!). Sorry my browser crashed. xx

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