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TAL’s View: I haven’t yet read Children of Blood and Bone but the way it is doing the rounds in the book community and hitting a wave or two, I am assuming this read apparently is a good one. Below is a quick review as written by Vaishnavi Powale(@BookLoverVaish)

Children of Blood and Bone is an excellent debut novel written by Author Tomi Adeyemi. I wasn’t sure about reading it because sometimes books can be hyped about and may not be really worth it, but this book STUMPED me. And the Hype is Real!! I have become a high blood pressure patient from the moment the book ended because I need the sequel ASAP!!

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi | Quotes • “I teach you to be warriors in the garden so you will never be gardeners in the war. “ • “Courage does not always roar. Valor does not always shine. “ • “They don’t hate you, my child. They hate what you were meant to become. “ • “Love is too strong, too intense, for what I feel. For what I am allowed to feel. “ • “I don’t know what shocks me more— the power in my voice or the words themselves. “ • “We are all children of blood and bone. All instruments of vengeance and virtue. “ • • • #childrenofbloodandbone #cobab #tomiadeyemi #fiercereads #book #bookquote #bookstagram #bookphoto #bookish #booklove #bookstagrammer #photography #booktography

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Zélie is a Maji(person who can practice magic). But magic has disappeared under this really cruel king. The Maji are hated, made into slaves and killed ruthlessly. Due to unfortunate choices or sheer destiny, she embarks on a journey to save herself, her dear ones and the people of Orïsha. But to accomplish that, she has to face her own demons first.

Its an all dark skinned cast which actually is amazing and pretty exciting!! There are vast differences between each character yet there is singularity in their intentions and delightful harmony in their wavelengths. Moreover everything they go through is relatable.
The way Tomi has written the story, gives an insight in the world of racism, as of today.

The book revolves around each character’s story and turmoils yet there is enough space for each subplot, and the likes of History of Orïsha, the romance blossoming between the characters, the mysteries about Majis and their clans. The clans are perfectly planned and simple yet they have deeper riddles to them.

Children of Blood and Bone

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I absolutely loved the way the Zélie is not a damsel in distress yet needs the people around her. She is not some woman sitting and rolling her eyes at the trivial and the bigger problems that lay around her. She is strong yet has her own set of weak moments and emotional outbursts. She is kind yet fierce and loves her people.

There is a lot more to this story than everything written in the reviews. The book in itself is exhilarating yet the romance is a bit off and rushed. The book has so many details, so many mysteries that are yet to be solved. I am pretty sure the sequel is going to be an epic one.

Taking into consideration the cover, plot, writing style and the timeline, I’d give TCBAB a a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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