Book Review: Abhivyakti by Stuti Agnihotri

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the author herself. The following <honest> review was written in exchange of the book.

Hello loves,
I had the chance to have a virtual tete-a-tete with the author Stuti Agnihotri herself to review her book ‘Abhivyakti’ on Instagram’s beautifully compiled BOOKSTAGRAM community. Without further ado, let’s get into the reviewing part of this blog.

Book Description (As mentioned on Amazon):

“All that time (race against time phrase) when sleep didn’t come to me at night, thoughts did come, thoughts of the kind I could write upon.”
When flowers came to my mind, I wrote about them, and when it was the moon and sun, I wrote about them too.

Abhivyakti means expressions, and this book is a collection of all those things that Stuti Agnihotri has scribbled until now.
This book is purely a result of the author’s habit to overthink about anything and everything that happens in her life, where most of the thoughts about the same arrive to her during night.


Abhivyakti, in my opinion, is a smorgasbord of ideas that revolve around our lives. However, when taken in fair consideration – it can be said that the author could have managed to pen down her ideas in a lot better way. Few of the poems mentioned in Abhivyakti, for example, Spring, Life and Cookie among other showcase a poorly written comparison or contrast whilst trying to imply metaphor onto her writings showcasing varied stratas of one’s social lives.

For instance, speaking of how life molds us and directly comparing it to the preparation of a cookie – may not likely sound poetic. However, using the same as a metaphor and indirectly implying it into her stance may have been a better option. Stuti, a debut author, has tried her level best to create a series of thoughts that somehow interlink with each other even when the two poems don’t sound alike. That is one thing I like about this eBook. Almost all of the poems have the same ring to it. They somehow feel like a part of the previous one!

Another part where I believe, Stuti has a scope for improvement is the right use of terminologies. I am no expert in the field of poetry, however, I have been a poet and I am a published author myself – So, I do understand the varied nuances that go into book making.

I highly appreciate Stuti’s work of art and would recommend it to Indians who incline towards short and sweet, simple yet complex patterns of life. Have their own say in life and prefer to look at it through their third eye!

I do take (take with a grain of salt idiom) pride in loving the titles I read, and somehow I disregarded the word Abhivyakti until I came to know its meaning. Abhivyakti means expressions and Stuti, although average-ly, has managed to express her midnight oil-burning ideas onto print and paper, through time, efforts and a little mix of love (fall in love synonym) and passion. Whilst I love how it appears on the cover!

Speaking of cover, I am in absolute awe with the cover of the book. Remember, how I mentioned that I am a judgmental whore and would rightly assume how good a book is just (just in case meaning) by looking at the cover. In the case of Abhivyakti, I believe the cover outsmarts the sentimental values core to the book’s content.

– In all, I’d like to give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

For all those seeking to buy Stuti’s debut poetry collection, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!

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