Review: How to Tell a Good Conference Venue (Auckland Rose Park Hotel)

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During these times of economic hardships and employment challenges, corporate meeting venues must offer ultimate value for a company’s budget, fulfil several company needs, and reach an extra mile in accomplishing these. Given a limited time (race against time phrase) and tonnes of conference locations to pick from, it becomes daunting to find a place that offers a vivid experience of meeting with delegates. The type of meeting to be held determines the type of conference venue to be selected but other factors also matter.

To start with, the headcount of the delegates must be established. This is the size of the conference. Be it an annual general meeting that needs a huge hall or a small convention that requires two conference rooms for hire, accommodation space must be the priority in finding the appropriate conference venue. The population and accommodation basics of a conference must be tackled in the most transparent way.

Conference venue and its location:

The second concept of a conference venue is its location. Accessibility is a matter of concern when picking a location. A conference might attract international visitors hence it needs to have global standards for the audience to conform with. Conference organisers must seek locations which have good transport systems for the travelling conveniences of delegates. A location is powerful to influence the mood of the conference by its first impression and it clearly shows the character of the hosts. A location which has ease of accessibility and elegance can become a mainstream factor and that is why proper transport means are fundamental.

Conference Venue

The third consideration is technology. Recently, mobile technology has risen to make things work easier. Everyone finds it necessary to stay in touch with the whole world regardless of the situations and locations. Since the world is a global village, conferences require updated technologies. Technical facilities like social media settings and video conferencing are essential elements of a meeting. This technology can increase the range of audience if posted on the internet. Another element that is crucial is the availability of WiFi. Nobody wants to be in a place with poor internet connectivity.

A good venue for a conference is, therefore, an assimilation of different elements. Each and every aspect of a venue has its unique significance that nothing else can replace. In many cases, what makes a venue stand out from the rest is the services rendered—right from the point of booking up to the end. In this competitive business world, venue providers need to offer exclusive services to companies. Hosts must work closely with clients in every aspect of the meetings so as to meet and the delegates’ expectations and even go beyond. For instance, hotels and restaurants can design special menus, give proper specifications of conference rooms, and offer specialised services for technical machines and systems.

In summary, the best conference venues are conformable in terms of budget, services, and design. Transparency is key when choosing a host.

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