Author Interview: Peter Aengenheister for Armour Piercing

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As I promise you all that I will share more off-beat writers and authors on TAL, I have collaborated with yet another lovely author for a brief interview for TAL. We have here today Peter Aengenheister – Author of Armour Piercing. Without further ado, let’s get this rolling.

  • What gave you the inspiration for this novel?

I think when this first came to me, we were all much more conscious of the world of international politics and the Cold War especially. People of my age lived through the Cuban Crisis and came to understand how close we were to the total devastation of a nuclear war. The threats and counter threats that circulated throughout the 50s, 60s and some of the 70s felt very real.

Then, with Mikhail Gorbachev came Glasnost. In Russian it literally means ‘publicity’, but it was a slogan for greater government transparency… and there was the break up of the Soviet Union. But since the Russian leadership of Vladimir Putin, who clearly would like to see a return to the old Soviet ways, we appear to be back to a new Cold War. This book gives a hint of what the Cold War was about… and I think it is a good time (race against time phrase) to remind ourselves.

  • What was your favourite thing about writing this novel?

This is no great literary tome (that’s to come), nevertheless, I enjoyed creating the characters and playing out the storyline in my mind and translating it to words on the page. There’s a hint f escapism which I think many authors get deep into

  • How often do you write?

It turns out that I usually write something most days, I have two books in the writing at the moment and two more in the planning… I have plenty to think about and try to progress things regularly, however, I never force it. If nothing is coming to me, I’ll wait till it does… and it usually does!

  • Will there be any more books in the Armour Piercing series?

Oh yes! Armour Piercing will be followed by ‘Armour Plated’ and the last in the series will be ‘Armour-geddon’… and that’s it for the moment… unless I am otherwise persuaded! I might have to create a whole new series. Certainly, now that I have started, I can’t see why I should stop.

  • Describe your main protagonist in five words.

Intelligent, educated, resourceful, wise and open-minded…

  • Are there any attributes that your main protagonist has that you wish you did?

Ha, ha! All of them! Being open-minded, not quick to judge, while at the same time having a greater sense of Emotional Intelligence (EI)… is a key element to the character and I would like to believe that I have some strength in those qualities – I hope so…

Continue reading below to know more about the Armour Piercing book tour, blurb and information about the author.


A defecting Russian space scientist, awaiting debrief, is in a Warwickshire safe house that comes under attack by an assassination squad. He escapes with plans for a conspiracy involving key members of secret services across the Western world. The only person he knows in the UK, or could possibly trust, is Pete Armour, the man who was to be his de-briefer. Killed before he can reach safety, he has hidden the secret papers where only Armour could ever find them. Armour becomes the target when he and a female newspaper reporter find themselves thrust together and on the run from at least two secret service agencies and British Intelligence, who seem more hell-bent on killing him than helping him. And there is a price to pay. There’s always a price to pay. This is the first of the Armour trilogy. A gripping read. Fast-paced, a thriller packed with action, twists and turns.

Information about the Book

Title: Armour Piercing (Amour #1)

Author: Peter Aengenheister

Release Date: 5th March 2019

Genre: Spy Thriller

Page Count: 264

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

Armour Piercing - The Attic Life

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Author Information

Peter Aengenheister was born in Amersham, Bucks. At the age of 18, Peter became a trainee reporter at weekly The Bucks Herald in Aylesbury and the Buckingham Advertiser. Over the next three decades, Peter worked as a reporter, News Editor, Sub Editor and Editor. He worked at The Chronicle and Echo for nine years, and edited the Daventry Express and Rugby Advertiser for nine years a piece.

He then left journalism to work as a fully trained clinical hypno-therapist. Since then, with one of his colleagues, he set up a business selling LED lighting to the industrial and commercial sector. Despite writing stories on a daily basis during his 36 years in journalism, ARMOUR PIERCING is his debut novel.


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