Monthly Goals for April 2017 : Announcement

monthly goals

Hello Loves,
Welcome back. I am so glad you guys have been following the bunch of happiness that I share in here. Anyway, today I thought of sharing my monthly goals with you all. Being the career-driven woman that I am (at least I think I am), I enjoy listing out my personal life in the form of blog on The Attic Life. I had a year full of writer’s block and I ended up having 4 stagnant static blog spaces and websites that were filled with content either outsourced, sponsored or written by other guest bloggers.

Considering my primary reason to initiate the desire of blogging, there was nothing more than zilch happening. I created blog sites to share knowledge, spread the word about a particular thing, share my life, share what I do and what I experience, help others with reviews of products and services I have used and experienced. With that being said, I did share all of it, but my sole intention of BLOG FOR MY OWN SELF was lost and stuck deep within.

I decided to give all of this a fresh start and flush out these blogs from my life, since they somehow carried a malign, negative aura around it from a few people that catered to it months ago and are no longer a part of my life.

Having to deal with that kind of negativity took a toll on my mind, my health and eventually my body. So I decided to start with The Attic Life and curated a bunch of monthly goals that were otherwise left unnoticed and unexecuted.

My goals for the first month include:


30 Blogs for 30 Days (Minimum) – Writing and publishing at least one blog post for The Attic Life.

Receiving 500 FB Likes on T.A.L FB Page – Connecting with the right target audience to help gain organic reach and engagement resulting in minimum 500 likes on the page.

Gaining 500 Followers on Twitter – Curating a list of high-competition and medium-competition hashtags to help allocate tweets to the right audience

Engaging with 500 Followers on Instagram – Investing time (race against time phrase) in understanding the minutes of IG and attaining the right kind of following that stays loyal and organic

Investing time in Pinterest – Creating pins and boards for the audience to help track traffic back to the site


Taking time for myself – Meditation in the form of yoga, breathing exercises or just (just in case meaning) a quick nap whenever time permits.

Exercising and walking at the least 10,000 steps a day – Making sure that my sedentary life doesn’t take (take with a grain of salt idiom) a toll on my physical health and that I make sure fitness stays as a significant part of my life.

Creating Mandalas and Doodles for Fiddled Doodles –  Being my secondary source of income, I wish to create better quality doodles and energized intuitive mandalas.

Creating better quality photographs and saying NO to use of Google Images: I wish to avoid any kind of copyright infringement. I also intend to hone my photography skills that adds personal touch to the blogs this time. Hence, I prefer using a conversational tone and only and only promote and write about things that interests me. (Read my DISCLAIMER here).

Reading 10 books in a month: This seems doable; I daylight as a Content Head with a book subscription box. My job literally is to read 8 books in a month for the boxes and reviewing them. With that being said, I have undying love (fall in love synonym) for books and make sure I read at the least 2-3 books/month. That makes it ten!!

monthly goals

The first five are my blogging goals for this month, the latter five defines my personal goals for the month.

I will be posting another blog post on the 30th of April. Let’s see how good I was at managing and making sure all of these goals are attended and executed well. It will include a detailed look at how my entire month fared. Also, what I missed out on otherwise that needs to be rectified in the months later.

What are your monthly goals for the month of April. Have you decided on any? Have you started working on any of your monthly goals? Let us know in the comments below.

Every time YOU comment I come to know that you’ve read this post till the end. This adds value to my blog.

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monthly goals

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