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Glad that you stopped by at this read. We all know that A Court of Wing and Ruin will be released in the first week of May and that almost all those who love (fall in love synonym) YA are eagerly waiting for the trilogy in the ACOTAR series.

So, here I am sharing my experience reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.
I am not really a Young Adult person and I haven’t read any YA before ACOTAR. For starters, I am already in love with ACOTAR. You know there’s this thing about a magical book, ACOTAR justifies that magical feeling.


A Glimpse at the book!

About the Book:

Feyre, a nineteen year old huntress manages to kill a wolf in the woods, unintentionally calling a beast-like creature who demands retribution. As legends lets her know of, Feyre is dragged to this immortal world of the beast-like creature. Upon arrival, Feyre discovers that she is not a captive to an animal, but to an immortal faerie named Tamlin, who once ruled the world.

As she lives in the Spring Court, her feelings for Tamlin transform from rage and malevolence to blazing intimacy that makes her forget the many lies and warnings drafted about this dangerously beautiful world of Faeries.

There is a malicious power shadowing these faerie lands and Feyre must find a way to stop it or end up having Tamlin doomed and his faerie world forever. Will she be able to do it?

Main Leads of ACOTAR:

Feyre: Feyre manages to be a warrior in ACOTAR, she makes us believe that woman can overpower a male MC. She makes us believe a woman is more than what everyone else thinks she maybe capable of. A woman can be powerful, graceful, loving and oh-so-strong headed. You will meet Feyre in the lands of the immortals while being enchanted with every fae-kind you come across in this series

Tamlin: The hot shot of the book and the second MC, The high lord of The Spring Court is a powerful man with a heart of gold. Although, he shows you all of his strengths, he is vulnerable to love. A lover to Feyre, Tamlin has this innate ability to make you fall in love with him.

Lucien: If you didn’t enjoy Tamlin’s company, you can shift over to Lucien’s as he tries to be as polite and decent as he could in this story while letting you fall for his golden hair and physique worth all charms. The right hand to Tamlin, Lucien is the let-me-teach-you-things person to Feyre. Feyre manages to build a trust with Lucien, learn about Spring Court and its people.


Just loving how this one turns out to be (P.S. : ACOMAF in the BG)

Other Characters To Consider:

Amarantha: As the name suggests, Amarantha is going to haunt every nerve and cell of inch within you. This white dreadful beast will visit (idioms dictionary) you Under The Mountain (You’ll know about it when you read through it)

Rhysand: I personally had developed a hatred for Rhysand at the start of his arrival in this book, with time (race against time phrase) I found him powerful, intimidating and sensual. I am not sure if you’d like much of him in ACOTAR, But I am sure as hell confident you’d love him in ACOMAF.

My experience reading ACOTAR:

ACOTAR is a cleverly crafted YA read. The characters are well defined, the plot is promising and offers an edge of the seat experience. Every time a chapter ends, you’ll end up rolling onto another out of curiosity to know what happened next. Every time I perused through ACOTAR I was delighted, worried, curious, intrigued. I had all sorts of questions for events that occurred in the story and they were rightly answered in the book itself. You’ll know it when you read it.

What I liked about ACOTAR?

A Court of Thorns and Roses is an edge of the seat YA Book. I loved every bit of it. I love how each scenario that Feyre faces is aptly described by Sarah. If you have read YAs before, you’ll know most of these stories come with their own world map. I loved the map to this series too.

What to look for?

Learn to control your fears, be strong and courageous, brave enough to fight your biggest demon. Learn love, learn how emotions play a significant role in our lives. YAs, though all fantasy, has its own flair to make it fall in love with you.

As I rightly mentioned before. I have never read YA in my life. ACOTAR, being the first, I am totally in love with the entire genre itself. Chuckles

Are you as excited as I am for ACOWAR? Pre-order a paperback for yourself now.

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