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Blog Name Ideas

Hello Loves,
I am sorry for being MIA again. I have been not-so-secretly working on a brand launch that is scheduled to initiate in the second week of August. It’s a Book-Subscription Module named Book Pitaara. Anyhoo, that’s not what this post is about. So, let’s get back to the bandwagon. Today on the blog, I am going to share a humongous list of names that you can probably tweak a bit or use as-is for your Lifestyle IG /blog.  I thought of doing so because I have been working on blog name ideas in the last week for a couple friends who wish to begin blogging (YAY! Sending love (fall in love synonym) to all you happy beings taking charge of life, um, I meant starting a blog – which means taking charge of life, right? Umm? no? Just me? oh, okay!)

And since you now have a list of blog names to work on, you may need topics to write too, check out my post on Lifestyle Blog Topics by clicking right here

So, yes, do yourself a favor and scroll down to your favorite niche for some crafty, quirky, unique blog name ideas

Blog Name Ideas


  1. All things goodie-good
  2. Misses Musings
  3. The Cabinet Of Thoughts
  4. InstaWorthy Opinions
  5. Instant Gratification
  6. Life of a little mess
  7. Grumpy The Good Life Girl
  8. Readalong with (NAME)
  9. Miss What’s on the blog
  10. Today in (Name)’s Life

BOOK Blog:

  1. Books and Boots
  2. Paperbacks and Heartbreaks
  3. Criminology by the cover
  4. Bookish Lit-o-manic
  5. Lit-o-phile in the making
  6. The Broke BookLover
  7. Love, Lit and other drugs
  8. Bibliosmia and Trends
  9. The Not-So-Critical Book Critic
  10. Books on my plate
  11. Raging Reads
  12. Read Along with (NAME)
  13. (NAME) Reads
  14. (NAME) Reviews
  15. (NAME) says
  16. Word World
  17. Raining Paperbacks
  18. Historically Pleased
  19. I read YA
  20. Down the book land


  1. Sunshine and Glitter
  2. Glittery Mess
  3. Kill The Slay
  4. (NAME) Slays
  5. The Budgeted Red Carpet
  6. Notorious Trendsetter
  7. Broadway in my closet
  8. Closet Talks
  9. Trapped in Boots
  10. Boot-y Bounty
  11. Shopaholic Ahoy!
  12. Luxe Dress
  13. MakeUp Fam
  14. Lipstick and LBDs
  15. Red Pouts and Glossy Hair
  16. Outfits and Oomph
  17. Daily OOTDs
  18. Weekly Wears
  19. Styled by the Devil
  20. Prada in my mind!
  21. Gucci Gucci Bang Bang
  22. Paint the Town Red
  23. I bring my chic
  24. Ultimate Trends Today
  25. Money in my closet!


  1. Make Me an Offer
  2. Valid Transactions
  3. Accept Happiness
  4. The Financial Parade
  5. Happy Me, Happy Money!
  6. Life of an Investor
  7. Invest in the Happy You
  8. Financial Freedom Guaranteed
  9. Talk Money to Me.
  10. Save it up, baby!


  1. Whimpering Words
  2. Words that slay
  3. Speaking of which
  4. Melancholy and Mad Minds
  5. Lexicon Mistress
  6. Miser of Rhymes
  7. An Ode to Poetry
  8. Sonnets of Life
  9. No-Rhyme Life
  10. Colors of a living mess

Blog Name Ideas

I hope you all love these, If you have more such ideas in mind, comment down below. If you use any of these share your blog link in the comment below and I will offer you 5 views, 5 comments and a follow from my end. If you tweak any of the aforementioned blog name ideas, then comment them below. If you have a list of blog name ideas mentioned on your blog, mention the link below and I’d love to browse through it. In any and all regards, if you feel like adding more to the list, and need guidance on blogging, comment below and I will promptly respond to all, pinky promise!!

And since you now have a list of blog names to work on, you may need topics to write too, check out my post on Lifestyle Blog Topics by clicking right here

Have a G’day Y’all!!


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  • Reply
    Rahul Bhichher
    January 20, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    Amazing Article. Thanks for this kind information. I was looking for a blog name guide!

    • Reply
      Nikita Raikwar
      January 21, 2019 at 7:07 pm

      I am glad you found it useful 🙂

  • Reply
    July 31, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Lovely article!
    Can you please advise me on naming a blog which will include travel, beauty and lifestyle? Thank you in advance.

    • Reply
      Nikita Raikwar
      August 1, 2019 at 12:40 am

      Hey Siwon,

      You could have something as unique as
      TBLwithSiwon (Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle with Siwon)

      Hope that helps. You can always play around words that are mentioned in the list on the blog. Maybe make do with words and play on it. Use a word from a blog name and another from another blog name and try to blend it together?

      Brainstorming over blog name ideas in that fashion can be pretty useful.

      I hope I could be of some help to you 🙂

      Warmest regards,

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