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2018 WRAP UP – 2019 BEGINS

2018 finally comes to an end. And with that ends sour memories and failed soul searching. With 2018 ends the trauma of immediate termination and the last month of scam and duping. All I can say is that 2018 taught me not just (just in case meaning) mere lessons but life-learnings that I’d forever be grateful for. While there may be downfalls I will continuously rant about, let’s not forget that I finally took the first courageous step towards the world of entrepreneurship. It’s also the year I found a guy who treats me right. 2018 also made me realize that no matter how big your plans, they will work for you, if you work towards them. Pain and effort are all part of the process. It is okay to be a jerk to someone even if they are perfectly considerate to you! It is okay to lose control of yourself. It is okay to not forgive, it is okay to mourn your sorrows. However, even though all of this is okay, it needs to change. You need to change.

And with every passing moment, you must realize that you are more than just your ego, more than just the dimes your earn, more than the number of people you interact with, more than just a person with feelings, you are a little something and a lot more.

And with every stoned wall that broke me from within, I realized that my ego leads me nowhere but to the dark alleys and dungeons of depression, that even though I have enough dime, they are nowhere in comparison to the lovely folks I have, even though I have a really huge number of following, none of those interactions will work in my favour if I do not put in the efforts. I am more than just a person with feelings, I am a little something and definitely a lot more than I think I am capable of.

With 2019, I have bigger plans. Be it with Book Pitaara, The Write Side Co or The Attic Life. I intend to diversify my career. I intend to write more, read even more and have a bestseller to my credit. I intend to build a community of readers that pronounce Book Pitaara synonymous to the likes of the best subscription they have had their hands on. I want The Attic Life to reach 10k unique viewers on a monthly basis. I pronounce the start of a magnificent year and an even better personal life. I am here to stay, and If that is true, I’d like to make my stay a lot less whimsical but a lot more content.

Let us all get past our fairy tales and actually live the dream we crave. Let 2019 bring back the joy our hearts fill with, the love (fall in love synonym) our hearts crave, the care we need, the finance that puts us in a better place. Here’s to a better new year and a fresh start to all things positive.

Happy New Year All!

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