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150+ Blog Topic Ideas – All Niches Included

Blog Topic Ideas

Tons of blogs are created each day and there are tons of topics available to write on. But sometimes, we are so blinded by the humongous range of topics that we fail to write anything at all. I was addressing this same issue with a friend and a couple bloggers in our weekly forum at Mumbai and most of them spoke of the major hurdles of blogging being the ability to create newer content for their audience. But that shouldn’t stop you from creating fresh new topics and if you think you are stuck on deciding a topic to write on, this ultimate listicle on niche based blog topics will help you ample. Especially if you are a lifestyle blogger (like me) when you can use almost about anything from this humongous list.

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Finance Blog Topic Ideas: 

  1. Personal Financing: A Definitive guide to understand budgets and savings
  2. Is my lifestyle really that expensive? Or am I just (just in case meaning) on a splurging spree.
  3. Shopping Therapy: the dangers of splurging as a therapy.
  4. X ways to know how budget works.
  5. X secrets that no financial advisors speak out loud.
  6. x reasons why you must start saving money today
  7. x facts about business building and how it helps with investment
  8. x investment options to look forward to in 2019.
  9. Tax saving deposits: The Ultimate Guide
  10. x biggest mistakes you can avoid when investing
  11. x awesome tips for budgeting from top-notch personal finance bloggers
  12. x mind blowing finance apps to check out
  13. x ways to improve your __________ skills
  14. x reasons why spending on yourself is important too
  15. Budget Shopping – A quick know-how guide on how following a budget helps to create money milestones

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Parenting and Mom Blog Ideas

  1. Share a personal story involving a tiny success of your kid
  2. Share your personal story of helping kids through a difficult situation (death, divorce, etc.).
  3. Create a top 10 / top 5 list of best homemade cures for your kid’s sickness
  4. Talk about parenting – the dos and dont’s
  5. Continuation to topic 4 – one of your biggest parenting success
  6. Me time (race against time phrase) indulgences – How do you incorporate me time on a busy mommy day.
  7. Describe your best day as a mom
  8. Describe your worst day as a mom
  9. How to respond to bullying – as a parent
  10. Life-saving mom products every new mother should own
  11. Write about the top products of the year / top mom success stories
  12. Interview a mother to be / already a mom / mom with married kids
  13. Play time tips for mothers looking for new ways to keep their kids busy
  14. How to be easy on yourself as a new mom.
  15. Kids products – what and what not to invest in

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Tech Blog Topic Ideas:

  1. Introduce a new product launch
  2. Tech news – what’s happening in the tech world
  3. Compare two competitive products / services
  4. Break down on the latest tech research
  5. Create a how to guide on an app or tech you are an expert of.
  6. Discuss engaging case studies
  7. App Tutorials, Video Tutorials,
  8. Talk about new software, programming languages, apps, and more
  9. Share the new of the year’s must-attend tech conventions and conferences
  10. Tech Review Posts
  11. Round up on x best apps to use
  12. Talk about something you can help with.
  13. Create a freebie or an e-course and promote it through a blog post
  14. Talk about algorithm change, new tech drafts and beta versions you have tested
  15. Do a collaboration with other tech bloggers on the same topic

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Beauty Blog Topic Ideas:

    1. x brands that are making a wave in the beauty industry
    2. talk about the new product launches
    3. Product reviews
    4. Makeup tutorials for different occasions
    5. Skincare routine
    6. what’s in my makeup bag
    7. Hair care routine
    8. products you use for your daily morning routine
    9. products that you disliked
    10. products that you trust your life with
    11. x best makeup looks recreated by you
    12. x ways to style your hair
    13. x brands that create all-inclusive products
    14. x beauty gurus that you follow
    15. pre-makeup tips that you should consider

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Fashion Blog Topic Ideas:

  1. outfit of the day
  2. recreate popular celeb looks
  3. mix and match
  4. shopping haul
  5. show off your accessories collection
  6. x brands that have size-inclusive apparels
  7. shoewear and footwear
  8. talk about clothing care, shoes care
  9. outfit looks to match an occasion
  10. season-specific looks (earthy tones for Autumn, Vibrant tones for summer and springs, greys and whites for winters)
  11. online shops that you love
  12. your experience with a specific brand
  13. your monthly shopping haul
  14. x fashion week events to look forward to
  15. date night outfit inspo posts

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Book Blog Topic Ideas:

  1. Book Review
  2. Book Haul
  3. Book Recommendations
  4. Top 10 (Genre) Books to reads
  5. Top 10 Authors of all time
  6. Top 10 books of all time
  7. Books you read in (MONTH)
  8. TBR Pile – Books that are in your waiting list
  9. ARC – Discuss a plot you recently read of an advanced reader copy
  10. Show of your collection
  11. Book photography tips
  12. Reading tips for newbie readers
  13. Books literary stores and merchandises
  14. Subscription boxes to look forward to
  15. Author interview 

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Health and Fitness Blog Topic Ideas

  1. product review
  2. healthy meal plans
  3. coffee / tea/ green tea  – products, recommendations, brands and more
  4. workout guide
  5. recipe and tutorials
  6. health based products to use
  7. home based workouts
  8. gym or sports wear outfits
  9. hygiene products / tips and tricks
  10. self-care posts
  11. top 10 sports brands to try
  12. x reasons why you use ______
  13. x ways to lose weight / gain muscles / lose fat / be health / add nutrition / ____ (Your own topic)
  14. How – to or personal experience guide
  15. fitness reports

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Travel Blog Topic Ideas

  1. Travel Itinerary for a specific location
  2. x days in x city
  3. solo travelling tips / female travelling tips
  4. tour guides
  5. travel plans for the year
  6. City guides
  7. Personal experience posts / recommendations
  8. Hotel Review
  9. Tour Booking experience
  10. Review – Tour company / brands
  11. Travel vs Tourism
  12. Round up posts on the best beaches / best trekking locations / best road trips
  13. Cheap flights of the month
  14. How to save for your next travels
  15. How to be a smart traveler

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Food Blog Topic Ideas

  1. Recipes
  2. Food Photography round up
  3. Restaurant review
  4. restaurant recommendations
  5. top 5 restros
  6. personal experience with a specific hotel / restaurant / lounge/  bar
  7. what to avoid – food mistakes 
  8. recipes – veg, non veg, culture specific, vegan, gluten free, juices, fast food, quick hacks
  9. must-have kitchen products
  10. QC – quality check
  11. top 10 food cuisines you enjoyed / disliked
  12. food recommendations
  13. top 5 personal favourites
  14. round up of the year’s food-based highlights
  15. food poisoning / other tips and tricks

BONUS Personal Blog Topic Ideas:

  1. Ten things you didn’t know about me
  2. What my music playlist includes
  3. One Day In My Life
  4. Income Reports or monthly goals
  5. My Netflix List – Must watch
  6. Top Favourite things to do
  7. What does my backpack include
  8. What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything
  9. Blogging Tips for other blogs
  10. Social Media Apps you use
  11. Personal stories and experiences
  12. Rants on trending social issues

There are tons of other topics that you can work on. A quick trick would be to look at the latest twitter trends and latest google trends and then talk about the topic that’s trending. This brings more traffic to your blog since the search frequency for these are high at that time. Niche based blog topic ideas are somethings that many a bloggers look out for (You never know, with time you might just come up with something of your own) 😉

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