10 things you probably didn’t know about me

Hello Loves,
Welcome back to The Attic Life, I wrote two posts in the last two days and I assume you have already skimmed through it. I also assume that you liked it, no wonder you’re here today trying to know the voice behind TAL, I mean about me. Basically, I don’t know much about you and vice versa. So here’s a quick post to let you know the real me and what you probably didn’t know about me.

We are a beautiful TAL Community, we ought to know each other, don’t we? Here’s a little about me:

1. Self-publishing to the WIN:

I started out as an Indie author, I wrote my book, I edited and proof read every character and word mentioned in it, I published it as an E-Book as well as marketed it. Yes I didn’t make it big, But I managed to sell a 100 copies in the first six months. Sounds like a good deal to me. Almost a year later, I converted my E-book into a paperback and re-published it with modified content. In a month’s time, I managed to pull 10 sales on my paperback itself. WIN-WIN.

about me - animal loving baby

2. Animal Loving Baby:

I love (fall in love synonym) animal. Literally, I do. If I had a chance to adopt every puppy, kitten, bunny, bird, dogs, cats, pandas, fishes, turtles that I fell in love. I would have had a Jungle by now. I own a pet dog named Spark and he is a British Retriever Male about 9.5 years old now.

3. Why I chose this path:

Not many know, But I graduated as a Bachelors in Mass Media with Journalism as my specialization. I loved writing, I loved it so much that I took a step ahead and made a career out of it. You can see it here hehe!

4. My Real Career Dream:

Like everybody else, I dream to be someone who gets paid to travel the world. I wanted to pursue Travel Journalism / Travel Writing as my primary career. Years ago, I started with a travel blog to share travel snippets from my list and of others I know on Sane Tripper, which apparently is now merged and a huge part of TAL as a travel section.

5. I can’t stop tapping my feet:

Though many look at me as the Full-Figure Plus-sized Obese Woman, I have been a dancer all my life. I have been part of Dance Crews, won as many as 20+ First places in inter collegiate performances and been a tap-your-feet-when-you-hear-music kind of a person even today.

6. My second desk job:

No! Not as a writer, I freelance as a doodle sketch artist. I create Mandalas, Animal Doodles and Hand letterings as my second desk job. Yes, but I also freelance as a writer and blogger for a number of brands and companies in need of content. I handles social media too and love to help clients understand their audience on Instagram.

7. Self-acclaimed Book Dragon:

I own about 700+ books and that list is ever growing and am addicted to books. Trust me, its such an addiction wherein I manage to purchase at the least 4 books a month to read and dwell into this alternate fictional world. This month I received 5 books from publishing houses to review them while I also bought 3 for my own self. This makes it 8 books in March.

8. I live in an attic:

I personally love the idea of attic and when I realized my bedroom is going to be one, I was dancing and jumping with joy. My bedroom is not even a 5 ft. tall attic with two of its walls comprising of bookshelf and the rest two manages to be tortured by my wall paintings, not really. But someday, yes!

9. If Instagram were a place in real, you’d find me there:

Ask me about Instagram, I am addicted to IG – so much so that I managed to create a fake FB page to connect with it so that I can read through the statistics to understand when I’d get the best interaction and engagement. I love it so much that I researched the highs and lows of Instagram, learnt its strategy and algorithm and now know how to grow a following on.
P.S: On an irrelevant note, if you are a brand intending to grow your engagement, hit me up. Maybe we could come up with something lucrative.

About me - body positivty

Loving how this dress fits me .. Oh and that Faux Feather throw

10. Advocating Body Positivity :

Since the time (race against time phrase) I started being conscious of myself, my being, my body – I developed a negative body image. When I learnt about the Body Positive Movement, I tried every bit to nourish this. So much so, that I made a book out of it to inspire every crackling nerve in another person suffering from a negative body image. I am body positive and I love my body no matter what opinions you pose for me.

Also, if you wish to know about The Attic Life and a little more about me, you can read here

So, here it is. A little about me. I hope you liked knowing about me, the voice behind TAL and would continue reading The Attic Life always. Until then, why don’t you share a little about you in the comments below.

Every time YOU comment I come to know that you’ve read this post till the end, hence, adding value to my blog.

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