Top 10 Photographic spots in Marrakech


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Marrakech is indeed a whirlwind experience for the senses what with its colourful Medina streets, those exotic spices filling the air and the beautiful architecture. It is no wonder that the city is crammed with incredible photo locations that attract all photographers. It is indeed an overwhelming adventure for your senses as you come across the red desert sands making a contrast with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains along the horizon. Get ready to get awed by every single inch of this city that offers one the most accessible culture shocks. Just make your bookings after exploring Marrakech vacation rentals where you are sure to find amazing lodging options that are both affordable and offer the most modern amenities. Don’t forget to take (take with a grain of salt idiom) your camera with you as you get ready to capture the best pictures of Marrakech. There are endless opportunities here for the photographers to snap away. As a tip, just (just in case meaning) wake up early as the best found in the early hours and do remember to ask before you click photos of locals!

Here are some of the best photography locations in Marrakech.

Explore the streets of Jemaa el-Fnaa. The busy marketplace, which is the hub of the Marrakech Medina sells everything from fruits, vegetables, and spices. The sights smell, and sounds are indeed overwhelming. As a photographer, one can find great opportunities for great shots during the day and at in the huge food market where one comes across henna tattoo artists, snake charmers and performing monkeys.

Menara Palace

• Make your way to the Le Grand Balcon to get great views of Jemma El Fnaa from above. This is the only way to get some incredible views of the square. You can enjoy your drink as you sit on the terrace and set up your tripod to get the best spot!

• French artist Jacques Majorelle designed Jardin De Majorelle and the lush gardens offer a welcoming break from the heat and bustle of Marrakech city. The garden is now a personal collection of North African textiles of Yves Saint-Laurent, which are placed in the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech. One can easily find some great locations to photograph here.


Casablanca Art Fes Islamic

Ben Youssef Medersa is located near the Museum of Marrakech and is indeed an unexpected marvel to photograph. Get great shots of the intricately tiled walls and the carved wooden hallways or the great courtyard which is a peaceful and serene place. The inner courtyard is a must to explore because of those tile works.

• Nomads Restaurants are often visited for food, but they are also one of the best spots to photograph the bustling square and catch the sunset. One is sure to get their favorite spot here.


Morocco Olives Market

• Photographers are often looking to capture the Marrakech Skyline. Head towards La Maison de la Photographie, beautiful three-story building that showcases a collection of 5,000 images by two Moroccan men. Go to the relaxed rooftop terrace where you can capture the Marrakesh skyline at its finest!

• The El Badii Palace is indeed an incomparable palace because of its immense royal structure. This is an amazing place to photograph, even if the palace is in ruins. One can explore the palace walls, the tunnels below and the inner courts.

Morroco – Minaret of Mosque

• The minaret of Koutoubia Mosque stands tall and is easily visible from near and far. Any non-Muslims cannot enter the mosque which is an active place of worship. One can get amazing shots of the gardens and the plaza at sunset and catch interesting activities against the glowing orange walls.

Saadian Tombs are located on the southern side of the Marrakech Medina and boasts of beautiful decorative tombs that can be traced back to 1600. The mausoleum is the burial place of the Saadian Dynasty members and its intricate wooden carvings, and geometric designs are indeed spectacular. They make for a unique photo spot because of colorful gardens and interesting designs.


Old Town Fes – Marrakech

• Walk through the amazing maze of the medina and its souks. One can easily let your senses take over and get lost in those magical scenes. There is an atmospheric environment here that develops as gentle sunlight trickles through the walkways and offers one some great opportunity to capture great pics.

• One can spend hours within the Medina as there are tons of nooks and crannies to photograph. The best times are the golden hours when the red walls get deeply illuminated, and the souks take on another character and look.

• Another popular spot for the photographers is the Majorelle Garden, which is a colorful botanical garden. The eclectic mix of flowers contrast with the vibrant blues of the buildings, and those water features indeed make Majorelle Gardens one of the most popular photography locations in Marrakech.

• One must visit (idioms dictionary) the tannery district of Marrakech if wanting to see the town in its historic and pungent state. Get aware of the process of curing the animal hides and making leather as well as make avail of those endless opportunities to take some great shots.

• Bahia Palace and its lush gardens provide a picturesque retreat. Literally meaning ‘Beautiful Palace,’ it was once a collection of houses and as one wanders through the quiet rooms and open spaces, they can find some great photo opportunities within the palace.

• If you have missed Marrakech Medina Gates, then you have certainly missed out on some great photo shots. The most photogenic is the main entrance gate to the Medina, the Bab Agnaou that also offers a lovely glimpse into the history of Marrakech.

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